OMG I am sick to my stomach! Doctors scale says 401lbs

When I weighed 380lbs I was worried, but when my piece of junk scale said I was down to 369 I felt hopeful.

But my home scale proved to be worthless.

So today I drove myself down to the walk-in clinic and used their scale. It has a big flat standing area and is digital and I would deem it far more trust worthy than the junk I bought for my bathroom scale.

I brought a camera with me, but the battery was dead so I couldn’t get a picture.

I expected the result to be a little higher because I normally weighed myself naked first thing in the morning after using the toilet. So today I was fully clothed and wearing shoes and I had already eaten breakfast and lunch by the time I got there. Not to mention that I am retaining a little water because I did some drinking this weekend with friends.

But I never in a million years expected to see 401lbs.

It is so depressing.

I don’t eat enough to weight that much damnit! I really don’t.

I mean to be over four hundred pounds at my age isn’t good. It isn’t good at all. I am worried.

So I spent a few hours feeling sorry for myself but now I am going to get up off my ass and behave like a big boy (a very big boy is the scale is any indication).

I have decided to use this scale as a reference and weight myself once a week or once every two weeks. As long as I keep using the same scale and come in there about the same time of day, it SHOULD be reliable.

Now I can see how well this CardioSit works for weight loss.

It is impossible to gauge the results of my efforts unless I have a good reliable scale to use to measure my results.

I was really looking forward to using the wii fit board too, but now I am over 50lbs away from using that.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and have this fat all gone.

So in a week or so I should know how well this CardioSit is working and I will be sure to post the results on here.

Wish me luck,

because if this doesn’t work, then I have no idea what to do next. I’ve tried just about everything.

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