My bathroom scale is completely unreliable

This is so frustrating!

I got on the scale today, after using the cardiosit once again last night and I am excited to see how much I weigh and the damn bathroom scale goes crazy on me.

The first time I step on it it says 385.  I can’t believe it, so I step off and step back on and now it says 372.  I tried using it a dozen times and each time it gave me a different reading.


When you are losing weight you have to be able to count on your bathroom scale!  It’s the one tool that has to be reliable.

Now I have to question all my previous weigh-in’s, including my 11lb weight loss yesterday.


So I am searching online for a RELIABLE scale that works well at heavy people and I notice two things have changed since I searched for the scale that I have now:

1)  There are a LOT more bathroom scales available that weigh 400lbs + so I guess that must mean that there are more obese people than ever before.

2) When I shopped for my last scale, I needed something that did 450lbs and now I only need accurate readings up to 400lbs.  I remember when I first discovered that weighed nearly 500lbs and there was no way to weigh myself except at the hospital where I stepped on a scale there out of curiosity.  I was in denial for quite a while.


This is the scale that I currently use:

When I check Amazon  – CLICK HERE – the reviews are actually pretty good.  So I just checked it again, and this time I tried to stand straight and not look down at the scale for 5 seconds, and when I do, the scale is still going up and down in numbers.  I can’t even get it to stop right now, and I am not squirming around, although I doubt I am standing perfectly still, but as close as I am able.

Part of the problem that I have noticed is that it is impossible to step onto the scale in the EXACT same place each time you use it, and this scale weighs differently by where you stand on it.  Not only that, but if you lean forward the weight goes up and lean backward the weight goes down.  This is not good.


If money were no object, this is the scale I would order:

Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod

 What an incredible scale!

Unfortunately I that scale is not in my budget.  🙁

So, keeping it on the cheap side, the best scale I see is:

So I think I am going to go with this one.

I could use the scale at walk in clinic I suppose, but I would only be able to visit there maybe 2 or 3 times a month since it is 40 minutes from my house and I don’t often get out that way.

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