Monday Weigh In – Lost 14.6 lbs in a week!

I lost 15lbs in a week!

I lost 15lbs in a week!

I can’t believe it!  This is freaking amazing!!!!

I was so dang nervous when I stood on that scale waiting for my results to show up.  I made my kid stand back a ways to be sure that he couldn’t see the results because I don’t want my kid to know how much I weigh.

From now on I am going to weight myself on Monday’s using the scale at the doctors office.  I trust this scale more than any home scale.

I’ve been told that this scale can handle up to 880lbs, so no worries there.

Nothing can disrupt weight loss and bring you down like an unreliable scale.  I have no idea how much I was weighing before because my home scale was so flaky.

From 401 lbs to 386 in a week.  That’s FREAKING AMAZING.

Here is the pic that my kid took of me, but I am hiding my face until I lose all the weight.  I am keeping my identity a secret until I reach my goal weight of 225lbs.

I have never told anyone how much I weigh, not even my closest friends. Sure, it is plain to see that I am overweight, but none of them would ever guess just how heavy I am.

I have no idea if I can keep this level of weight loss up, 15lbs a week seems unmaintainable, but even 5lbs a week would be enough to keep me motivated.

As I said, using the CardioSit is the easiest thing I have ever done, I just sit there and read a book while my heart works out and I sweat away burning upwards of 600 calories.

In addition to this, I have embarked on a green smoothie breakfast.  I will talk more about this later, but to put it simply instead of eating breakfast, I take a bunch of yummy fruits (banana, pears, peaches, apples, berries, etc) and put them in a blender along with 1 green, (usually spinach) and then I blend it up and BAM, I get a big ole glas (32 oz) of healthy sweet tasting drink that really fills me up.

So not only I do get a full belly each morning but it tastes great too!  Drinking it is like pouring vitamins and minerals into your body.  It’s so much better than any other breakfast I can imagine.  Still get to eat whatever I want the rest of the day, but at least I start my day off super healthy.

By the way, I get more of a boost from a green smoothie than I ever did from coffee!  It’s like an energy shot to start your day.


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