Monday Weigh In: Lost 23lbs in 14 days! (8lbs this week)

Lost 8lbs this week

YES!  Yes yes yes yes.


Another 8lbs of fat gone.  I didn’t expect to be able to maintain last weeks incredible 15lbs in 7 days, but I am very happy with 8lbs in 7 days.

In 14 days I have lost 23 pounds!  That is almost 2 pounds a day.  I never would have thought that possible.

Let me tell you, ME KNEES are loving!  Already I can walk noticeably easier.  They hardly ever hurt anymore unless I am going up/down stairs.  I can walk around almost like a normal person now.

Imagine how good they will feel when I am down to 278!

My official plan is to NOT do any exercise until I am under 300 pounds, because I tend to injure myself anytime I try to exercise at this weight.  It is so easy to sprain an ankle or twist a knee the wrong way, even doing something as mundane and simple as throwing the football.

Once I get to 299 I should be ready to exercise, but I don’t want to think too far ahead.  I need to focus on the next week.  This next week I am hoping to keep the pace up to 5-7 pounds.

At some point I know the rate may level off to a more reasonable level, but heck, I am burning a lot of calories using the Cardio Sit, and now I am drinking a green smoothie for breakfast each day instead of eating something bad for me.

You can’t dispute the facts that the weight is falling off like crazy.

Success doesn’t lie.

Unlike when I went on the stupid Dr. Atkins diet, I do NOT feel all strange and sickly.  I remember the whole low carb thing worked (although nowhere near as fast as this is) but after two weeks on it I felt terrible.  My arms tingled and I just didn’t feel right.


My skin is clearing up and looking better than ever too.

Too bad it isn’t doing anything for the gray hairs that began showing up last year.

To sum it up:  Feeling good, looking better, moving around better, blood sugar is incredible (last check it was 81 fasting), skin clearing up, and losing weight faster than anytime in my life.

Oh yes, my blood pressure has dropped down too!  I’ll post about that tomorrow.


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