Exercise before breakfast

So this morning I decided to try exercising before I eat anything.  I think that this should yield the most fat burned because I have not eaten anything since 7pm the night before.

For a little over two weeks now I have been going for a daily walk.  I am trying to keep it varied, but I always work up a sweat and my shirt is soaked when I get back even though it is very cold outside.  I walk fast enough to make myself breathe harder.

I have been doing this for 6 days a week, and taking one day off on the weekend.

Most of the days I take the walk around 3:30pm when my kids get home from school so that I can include them.

Also, I have been using the CardioSit each night when I get back.  It has been great becuase it gets my heart rate up, makes me sweat a BUNCH (I soak a towel in 30 minutes every time) and I keep my hurt knee in front of one of the infrared heaters and  it keeps it from being a problem.

Before I was using the CardioSit I was not even able to go out for walks because of my knee.

That, and my naturopathic doctor recommended I get these shoes:

New Balance Men’s M1540 Running Shoe

They were not cheap, but because I have fallen arches (as I suspect most people do when they become obese) these shoes change the way that you step and because the angle of the lower leg is now at the correct angle, it puts less stress on the knee.

I hate paying this much for shoes, but after wearing them for a week, and suddenly being able to walk made them worth every penny.

Oh, and now I don’t get back pain either. Must be the shock absorbing nature of the shoes.

Mine are the 1123, but I guess that new balance has come out with the 1540 as a replacement for the 1123. I hope they are an improvement.

Right now you can save some money by clicking that link above and searching for 11123, because they are selling out the remaining stock of 1123’s. I got my second pair for 45% off. Wooo hooo

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