Awaiting my next weigh in

I am looking forward to my next weigh in at the doctors office. I’ll be sure to bring my camera and this time make sure the battery is charged.

This first week of using the doctors scale is CRUCIAL…

I HAVE to lose weight…

I am hoping for 5lbs in a week, which I know is a lot, but that is what I am hoping for.

If I don’t lose any, it could sabotage my entire effort, and make me lose confidence in the CardioSit.

I know I should give it 2 weeks before weighing, to make sure I give the CardioSit enough time to prove itself, but I feel like I need some good news after finding out my scale was WAAAAY off!

A small part of me hopes against all hope, that the doctors scale was off for some reason that day, but I know that isn’t true. They weigh dozens of people on it each day and they would notice if it were off by 20+ pounds.

So from now on I go by the doctors scale.

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