My weight Check In

I may be the only person in the world who is happy to see 376 on the scale!

I was 399.4 on Thanksgiving, but I know a lot of that was water weight as I was retaining about 10lbs of water, but still.  That is a lot of weight I have lost in less than a month.

Also, I have ordered myself a new scale because my home scale never reads the same weight twice.  Worse is that if you lean back or forward the reading on the scale changes, so I find myself leaning around to try to get the lowest number, and that is not accurate.

Because I can’t afford $1,000+ for a doctor’s office scale, I bought this scale for thirty some odd dollars:


Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Step-on Technology, 440-Pounds

I read the reviews on Amazon and this scale seems to work great.  I like that I will no longer be on the top end of the weight it can handle, now that I am 376.

A couple of people bought the scale and got a “lemon”, but the manufacturer actually stands behind the scale and replaced it for each of them absolutely free of charge.  I LOVE that kind of customer support.  Without a doubt this influenced me to purchase their scale.

4,419 customer reviews and the average puts it at 5/5 stars.

I also like that I don’t have to tape the scale to turn it on.  Just stand on it and get instant readings.

I am excited to get my hands on this… er um, my feet.


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  1. Sara says:


    We are co-passengers on the same journey. Here are my discoveries –

    I’ve found that if it is very difficult to give up some of our favorite foods, that have fats and carbs, then the best time is to eat it is for breakfast, but lets finish all the greens and proteins(like beans, tofu) before we reward ourselves with just a little bit of our favorites..

    Our heaviest meal should be our breakfast, then the next heavy, but way lighter meal should be our lunch, with lot of greens and proteins again, and our dinner should be measly. Maybe just some fresh fruits….

    In between, we could have some cucumber juice with some ginger powder or fresh ginger and lemon juice and nothing else. Ginger and lemon and black pepper are great in helping burn fat, and cucumber has a lot of pectin which keeps us feeling full and not wanting to reach for some snacks.

    Every time we have had some thing to eat, if we brush our teeth, the sweet minty flavor of toothpaste brings a closure to the meal and will not tempt us into eating any snack.

    Also have everything, including juices, hot. Cold tends to keep the fat on. And hot water after we eat anything, reduces the amount of fat we retain.

    And we should exercise before eating anything, like you do.

    Also, I have one day of complete fasting in a week, only water, nothing else, and exercise the next day, before eating anything, even fruits. This fasting has helped shrink my stomach size and I get full more quickly than before. If complete fast is not possible, then we could keep it carb and fat-free.

    Also reducing salt intake helps.

    Finally, the acupressure and other therapies from this book really helped – Health in your hands by Devendra Vora.

    When I was thinking it was all far-fetched, my friend visiting me wondered why when the lap-top wire on the ground tripped her in the region of the tip of the big toe, she blacked out for a couple of minutes. Curious, I referred to the book and found that that was the brain point.

    Then I started taking the book a bit more seriously.

    Anyway, good luck on your journey.


  2. goomass says:

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