Crazy Story – Proves How Calm I Have Become

I normally am a bit more tightly wound than I am today.  I feel like I have been calmer than normal all day, and the event I am about to share with you proves it.

At 10:40pm my wife is in bed and my seven year old is in the kitchen looking for food.  I tell him that it is too late for him to be eating and that he needs to go to bed.  The only reason he is up so late is because there is no school tomorrow because of parent/teacher conferences.

So he goes to bed and the house is quiet and dark.  I am sitting on my large sectional couch when I see movement out of the corner of my eye.  Something dark pops up behind my couch and goes back down.  Then suddenly my 11 year old jumps up from behind the couch and says “Is it time for bed?” in an attempt to scare me.

Normally I am sure I would have jumped at least a little bit.  Instead I felt puzzled as to why he was squeezed behind the couch which is up against the wall.  No fear… no surprise….  My heart didn’t skip a beat or change speed at all.

Normally I would been upset and scolded him for scaring me, but today all I did was laugh and ask him what he was doing.

Is it possible that this natural diet has greatly calmed my body and mind?

Honestly, it certainly seems that way to me!

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