My bathroom scale is completely unreliable

This is so frustrating!

I got on the scale today, after using the cardiosit once again last night and I am excited to see how much I weigh and the damn bathroom scale goes crazy on me.

The first time I step on it it says 385.  I can’t believe it, so I step off and step back on and now it says 372.  I tried using it a dozen times and each time it gave me a different reading.


When you are losing weight you have to be able to count on your bathroom scale!  It’s the one tool that has to be reliable.

Now I have to question all my previous weigh-in’s, including my 11lb weight loss yesterday.


So I am searching online for a RELIABLE scale that works well at heavy people and I notice two things have changed since I searched for the scale that I have now:

1)  There are a LOT more bathroom scales available that weigh 400lbs + so I guess that must mean that there are more obese people than ever before.

2) When I shopped for my last scale, I needed something that did 450lbs and now I only need accurate readings up to 400lbs.  I remember when I first discovered that weighed nearly 500lbs and there was no way to weigh myself except at the hospital where I stepped on a scale there out of curiosity.  I was in denial for quite a while.


This is the scale that I currently use:

When I check Amazon  – CLICK HERE – the reviews are actually pretty good.  So I just checked it again, and this time I tried to stand straight and not look down at the scale for 5 seconds, and when I do, the scale is still going up and down in numbers.  I can’t even get it to stop right now, and I am not squirming around, although I doubt I am standing perfectly still, but as close as I am able.

Part of the problem that I have noticed is that it is impossible to step onto the scale in the EXACT same place each time you use it, and this scale weighs differently by where you stand on it.  Not only that, but if you lean forward the weight goes up and lean backward the weight goes down.  This is not good.


If money were no object, this is the scale I would order:

Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod

 What an incredible scale!

Unfortunately I that scale is not in my budget.  🙁

So, keeping it on the cheap side, the best scale I see is:

So I think I am going to go with this one.

I could use the scale at walk in clinic I suppose, but I would only be able to visit there maybe 2 or 3 times a month since it is 40 minutes from my house and I don’t often get out that way.

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369.2 I am so happy!!

Weighed myself this morning and I couldn’t believe it.  369.2!

I am probably the only person in the world who is happy about weighing 369 pounds.

I couldn’t believe it.  My digital scale fluctuates a bit up and down while I stand there and even though it started out on 371 and dipped down to 367 during this time, I decided a long time ago to go with whatever weight it ends up on.   This time though, I weighed myself twice just to make sure that this amount was right.

Both times in ended up on 369.2 exactly!

My last weigh in was 9-21 and I was 380.4 pounds.
Today is  9-27 and I am 369.2.

So that means I lost 11.2 pounds in 6 days!

That’s amazing!

Now before you say it… or think it…. or write it in the comments below…  I know full well that this kind of weight loss is much faster than doctors recommend.   But since I was not “dieting” and was in fact eating everything I normally would, I can’d see how a doctor would complain.

I ate sandwiches, cereal, beef/potato/carrot stew, spaghetti, tacos, potato chips and even a salad in that time frame.

I didn’t journal what I was eating, but I know I was eating pretty much normal and having seconds at dinner, etc.

There is only two things I can give credit to for this amazing weight loss.

1) I have been drinking more water.
 Again, I am not counting how much, but I am trying to drink a glass of water as often as I can remember during the day.   I am certainly not drinking the old “half your body weight weight in ounces” because that would be a lot of water.   369 divided by two would be 184 ounces of water.  Which would mean 23 eight ounce glasses or 5.75 32oz glasses.   I am guessing my water intake to be around 128 ounces of water a day.  (4 – 32oz glasses)  That is about a gallon of water a day, which is perfectly safe if you space it out through out the day.  I wouldn’t want to drink a gallon of water all at ounce as it may dilute your bodies electrolytes.

2) I have been using the CardioSit.   
It is so easy to do that I have no problem fitting it into my life.  All I have to do is sit there while the CardioSit’s special heater send infra red waves (similar to the sun’s) into my skin.  It is a LOT like a suana, but there is no steam and the heat is much lower.  These infrared waves are supposed to penetrate deep into the body (I’ve been told it is about 2 inches) and this causes a heating effect deep inside the body and its muscles and organs.  This increases the metabolic rate.

The body reacts to this by increasing the rate of the pulse and producing sweat.  I assume the body sweats in order to cool itself, but trust me when I tell you that you sweat a LOT more in a CardioSit than in a sauna.  I’ve used saunas before, and even with all the steam landing on my body, I get more wet in the completely dry CardioSit.  In fact, I use three towels inside. I sit on one and place a second towel on the floor to put my feet on to catch any sweat running down my body.  The third towel I use to freely wipe my face, chest, arms, legs and even my back.

YES, you do lose a lot of weight immediately after using the Cardiosit, but that is water weight, which will come back as soon as you drink some water.  I just take a big glass of water with me inside the CardioSit and drink it while I am inside so I never get thirsty.

I have NO DOUBT that toxins come out of your body in this sweat.  I have seen the scientific studies and on this, but my own proof is right in those towels.  The vibrating effect of the specially tuned  infrared waves helps break up cellulite and release toxins so they can be carried out in the sweat.

Where the REAL weight loss comes in is from the calories burned while in the Cardiosit.  Your body reacts just like it would if you were exercising.  Your heart rate increases (which is good, because it is strengthening your heart) and your body produces sweat.

How many calories are burned?

I am not sure, since all the data I can find are for people of a normal weight.  I am not at a normal weight, and since I am out of shape I would assume I am burning even more than what is shown below:

Number of calories a 150 pound person normally
burns up in 30 minutes of exercise :

Marathon running 	593
Vigorous Racquet Ball 	510
Swimming (crawl stroke) 	300
Jogging 	300
Tennis (fast game) 	265
Cycling (10 mph) 	225
Golfing (without a cart) 	150
Walking (3.5 mph) 	150

CardioSit  600-800 Kcal

Using a CardioSit is certainly is a lot easier than exercising for me because of knees.  At this weight I don’t really have the option of jogging or playing tennis.  I could swim if I wanted to get shirtless in front of people, which of course I DO NOT want to do.

It’s kinda gross, but I guess human fat starts to liquefy at 110 degrees, and since that is the amount of heat that penetrates deep into your body, it allows toxins that are trapped inside the fat to pour out of you while you sweat.  Kinda icky, but toxins are better out than in.

So I can only guess that most of my weight loss is coming from the CardioSit.

As it stands right now, I am VERY impressed.  Very very very impressed, because I have tried all sorts of fads in the past and none of them have worked for me in the long run.

So, it remains to be seen if this level of weight loss can be sustained using the CardioSit.  I can’t imagine why it would suddenly stop working, but as I said I have been disappointed so many times in the past that I am afraid to get my hopes up and pin my entire weight loss journey onto this one device.

BUT, with that said, my plan is to continue using it.  Heck, it gives me some quiet time that I choose to read in.  I just read a book and wipe sweat, which is something that I know I am going to be able to keep up for years and years to come unlike restrictive diets or ridiculously difficult exercise programs.

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Damnit! Over eating again

I got some bad news today and felt stressed out, so I found myself eating two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I didn’t even realize it until I had already done it.  It was like I was in a trance or something.

Goble goble…  eat them up, and then AFTERWARD I am hit with “Ahhh dang!”

How do I break that habit?  Sometimes you think about eating something you shouldn’t and sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t, but at least during those times you have the CHOICE.

During this auto reaction to stress I wasn’t even thinking.


That’s it for today.  Even if I am “good” the rest of the day I already know that I messed up.

I am going to use the cardio sit again tonight, so maybe it can burn some of those dang calories.

We’ll have to see.


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4lbs in 1 day!

My first day of testing a cardiosit and I lost 4lbs.

4lbs in one day!

I am pretty stoked.

One has to wonder if it is water weight, but since I drank 32 oz of water while I was using it, I find it hard to believe.   I certainly did sweat a lot, but I doubt I sweat anywhere near the 32oz of water I was drinking while using it.

Being 384 ops, 380lbs as of today, makes traditional exercise a bit difficult for me.  After carrying that amount of weight (remember, I use to be nearly 500lbs) for 40 years now, my knees are more than a little upset.

My knees creak and groan just walking across the room.  When I get up from sitting down they pop and snap painfully.  I have to be very careful to make sure my foot is facing straight forward with each step or I get terrible pain in my knees (mostly the left one).

The best part of using the CardioSit is that my knees felt pretty good right afterward.  That makes sense, since a CardioSit is rather warm inside, the joints were probably warmed up during the 30 minutes I sat in there.

But it was so nice to stand up and not have knee pain afterward.

Strange thing is that this morning my knees feel better.  They still hurt, but it seems a lot less.  I have not even taken any ibuprofen today.  I can’t see how 30 minutes in a CardioSit would change how my knees feel the next day, so maybe it is a coincidence, but they definitely feel better today than they have in years.

I don’t want to get my hopes to high because I am afraid of being let down once again, but this seems really good.

Oh, I just had a thought.  I know that when I was using the CardioSit that my heart rate increased, which is good thing, because it is supposed to simulate real exercise while just sitting still.

I simply read a book while I sat there in the CardioSit, and my body “worked out” for the first time in years.  My heart rate increased and my body poured sweat.

So perhaps this increase in heart rate brought new blood flow to my knees and help repair them?  Or maybe the heat that was in front of my knees help break up and loosen the junk that pops around in there?

Just guessing here, but something happened, that is for sure.

The plan I was given to use this is 3 times per week, but I am so excited that I want to jump back in today.  (I used it last night in case I forgot to mention that).

I know…  take it slow and easy and give your body time to adjust, but when something feels this good and is so easy to use, it is hard to not want to use it again right away.

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384 still

Still 384lbs.  Nothing new going on.

Bit depressed I suppose.

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Lost 1 pound. Down to 384

I am back down to 384.

Sure, I am glad I lost a pound since yesterday, but damn I can’t help but to be a bit down about how last month I was down to 377.

The up and down yo-yo thing is getting old.


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385lbs – gained half a pound

Nothing is worse than checking the scale and hoping for a loss and only finding a gain.

I am always full of determination to finally “do it” when I go to bed and first thing in the morning.

So I skipped breakfast, ate very light for lunch (some fruit and a sandwich) and then when dinner came around I was starving, so I ate 2 heaping plates of spaghetti.

I know that is bad, but still it doesn’t seem like that is enough to make someone gain even more weight. I mean how many calories is that anyway?

I really don’t believe a calorie is a calorie.  That is bullshit, because my kids eat waaaaaaaaaay more than I do, and thank God they are thin and healthy.

I would never wish this kind of life on them and I’ll everything in my power to make sure they never become overweight.

Being Obese is ruining my life.


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Forgot to weigh myself today

Nothing to report.

Knees are really bothering me though, and I am truly motivated to get some weight off quickly.

Not being able to get around is a good motivator.


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384 Today! lost 4lbs in 1 day

This has to be water weight.

I did the water retention test and I can see that I am not retaining nearly as much water around my ankles as I was yesterday.

I know it sounds crazy, but if you are retaining water it is because you body is afraid if it lets it go you wont give it anymore.  So if you are retaining water you need to drink MORE WATER.  Probably a LOT MORE WATER, and then your body releases the water it has been retaining because it knows plenty of water is coming in.

If you thought a drought was coming, you would probably fill a bunch of jugs with water and horde some for yourself right?  That is what the body does, only it holds the water in your cells.

When you drink a bunch of water, over time, the body realizes that there is no drought and it stops retaining water. Pretty cool huh?


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Still 388 Damnit

I feel stiff all over. Been moving around a lot painting a house and sweating a lot but I don’t feel very good.

I am retaining a lot of water so today I am drinking it like crazy.  We’ll see what that does for tomorrows weigh in.


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