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4lbs in 1 day!

My first day of testing a cardiosit and I lost 4lbs. 4lbs in one day! I am pretty stoked. One has to wonder if it is water weight, but since I drank 32 oz of water while I was using … Continue reading

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Forgot to weigh myself today

Nothing to report. Knees are really bothering me though, and I am truly motivated to get some weight off quickly. Not being able to get around is a good motivator.  

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388lbs again… Damnit!

My knees have been hurting a lot lately.  Seems the only way I can get through the day is by taking Ibuprofen. I know that if I can get some weight off my knees that I would be doing myself … Continue reading

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I never wrote anything on this day, but I did weight myself and write it down.  So I wanted to record it here for the record. I wish I could remember what it was that I was doing at this … Continue reading

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