Doctor Visit – A real WTF?

So my hernia became large and hard above my belly button, so my wife talked me into getting it checked.  She wanted to go to the emergency room since it was so scary looking (you can see a bulge about 8 inches wide) but on the way I decided to go to the walk-in instead.

The doctor was concerned, but an x-ray showed it was not fecal matter backed up (which is what I feared) and thought the condition was not life threatening.

I am waiting for surgery until I lose enough weight to make the likelihood of a recurrence much lower.  This will be my third hernia surgery.

The WTF part comes when I tell him that I have lost  55lbs since Feb.  (About 5 months).  He checked my charts and it supported my claim.  He was impressed but felt bad for me because I can not exercise.  (my knees are bone on bone.  There is no cartilage remaining, so walking, jogging, bicycling, etc are all out of the question and with the large stomach hernia I can’t lift anything heavier than a gallon fo milk).

He asked me if I would consider Gastric Bypass Surgery.

NowI told him that I found a way of eating that works for me, where I feel great, am never hungry and I am consistently losing weight month after month.  So why recommend surgery?

Years ago I had to have my gallbladder removed in an emergency that nearly killed me when Bile backed up into my pancreas.  This was caused by a low-fat diet (I should really write about this sometime.  It’s so obvious now.  I wish I would have known how dangerous a low-fat diet was).

These repeat hernia’s are a result of incisions they made into me for that surgery.  So why would I want MORE INCENSIONS creating more weak spots in my stomach wall?

I am amazed that doctors still think surgery is a preferred answer for weight loss.   EVEN when you find a healthy diet, that makes you feel great and lose weight and is completely sustainable!

I call it healthy because all my blood tests are looking GREAT!

I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  I have FINALLY found a way of eating that I will do the rest of my life and even though I am 45 years old and I can not exercise, I am shedding pounds and going down clothes sizes and feeling strong and calm along the way.  No more brain fog and no more hunger.  Ever.

Why would I want doctors to go in and remove parts of my digestive track?  How is the considered sane or reasonable?

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My weight Check In

I may be the only person in the world who is happy to see 376 on the scale!

I was 399.4 on Thanksgiving, but I know a lot of that was water weight as I was retaining about 10lbs of water, but still.  That is a lot of weight I have lost in less than a month.

Also, I have ordered myself a new scale because my home scale never reads the same weight twice.  Worse is that if you lean back or forward the reading on the scale changes, so I find myself leaning around to try to get the lowest number, and that is not accurate.

Because I can’t afford $1,000+ for a doctor’s office scale, I bought this scale for thirty some odd dollars:


Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Step-on Technology, 440-Pounds

I read the reviews on Amazon and this scale seems to work great.  I like that I will no longer be on the top end of the weight it can handle, now that I am 376.

A couple of people bought the scale and got a “lemon”, but the manufacturer actually stands behind the scale and replaced it for each of them absolutely free of charge.  I LOVE that kind of customer support.  Without a doubt this influenced me to purchase their scale.

4,419 customer reviews and the average puts it at 5/5 stars.

I also like that I don’t have to tape the scale to turn it on.  Just stand on it and get instant readings.

I am excited to get my hands on this… er um, my feet.


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Exercise before breakfast

So this morning I decided to try exercising before I eat anything.  I think that this should yield the most fat burned because I have not eaten anything since 7pm the night before.

For a little over two weeks now I have been going for a daily walk.  I am trying to keep it varied, but I always work up a sweat and my shirt is soaked when I get back even though it is very cold outside.  I walk fast enough to make myself breathe harder.

I have been doing this for 6 days a week, and taking one day off on the weekend.

Most of the days I take the walk around 3:30pm when my kids get home from school so that I can include them.

Also, I have been using the CardioSit each night when I get back.  It has been great becuase it gets my heart rate up, makes me sweat a BUNCH (I soak a towel in 30 minutes every time) and I keep my hurt knee in front of one of the infrared heaters and  it keeps it from being a problem.

Before I was using the CardioSit I was not even able to go out for walks because of my knee.

That, and my naturopathic doctor recommended I get these shoes:

New Balance Men’s M1540 Running Shoe

They were not cheap, but because I have fallen arches (as I suspect most people do when they become obese) these shoes change the way that you step and because the angle of the lower leg is now at the correct angle, it puts less stress on the knee.

I hate paying this much for shoes, but after wearing them for a week, and suddenly being able to walk made them worth every penny.

Oh, and now I don’t get back pain either. Must be the shock absorbing nature of the shoes.

Mine are the 1123, but I guess that new balance has come out with the 1540 as a replacement for the 1123. I hope they are an improvement.

Right now you can save some money by clicking that link above and searching for 11123, because they are selling out the remaining stock of 1123’s. I got my second pair for 45% off. Wooo hooo

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How can you gain weight while you sleep?

I weighed myself just before bed and I weighed 386.2

I went to bed, slept for 8 hours and when I got up I urinated and hopped back on the scale and guess what?  It says 387.8

Just to be sure I checked it twice and sure enough, it says I gained a pound while sleeping.

Last night I checked it twice also, because I didn’t want to be 386 either since I was down to 379 on Friday and have no idea how I could have gained this much weight.  I have not been drinking enough water, so I figured that was it.

Even though I am barely eating, I am gaining weight, BUT WHILE SLEEPING?  C’Mon

So weighing myself twice before bed, and getting the same result, and weighing myself twice after waking up and getting the same result, someone please tell me how I gained 1 pound while sleeping?

I mean the weight of the lost urine alone should have brought me down at least a pound.

This doesn’t seem physically possible.


I stayed up until 4am, and the last thing I ate was at 11pm, so I have not eaten for 5 hours before bed.  I normally go to bed around 2am… yes, I am a night owl and have been my whole life.

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My Weight Loss Goal: Lose 71 pounds by New Years!

My weight loss goal is to lose 71lbs by January 1st, 2012.

Why 71 pounds?

Beginning Oct 3rd 2011, when I began using the doctors scale to weigh myself, I first weighed in at 401 pounds.  My goal weight is 330lbs by new years, which comes to 71 pounds of weight loss.

I don’t plan to stop at 330lbs, but I do have a reason to set my goal at 330lbs.



I bought a Wii Fit Plus, with balance board, for my family last year.  This thing is a load of fun, and yes there is exercises you can do, but there is also a TON of fun things you can do.  Little games, balancing, riding a bike, and there is even shared family high scores.

My wife and kids have a BLAST playing this in our front room.

BUT, there is a DARK SIDE to the wiifit for those of us who are very heavy.

The MAX WEIGHT LIMIT is 330lbs.  If you weight more than that, you can do ANYTHING.  Not even the super fun snowball fight game where you peak out either the right or left side of a wall and throw snowballs at other wiifit characters.

So I have always been left out of the fun of this great game.

I would like to be able to play this with my family during new years, so in order to do that I need to get my weight down to 330lbs or less.

That’s a TALL ORDER I know.

That means I have to lose 5.52 pounds per week.   Not something that is easy to do.  To be honest, I have my doubts that I can maintain that kind of weight loss, but I am sure as hell going to try.

Here is a graph of how things are looking right now.


So as of today, I am below the red line, which means I am ahead of where I need to be.  But weight loss is always easiest early on.  I’m just hoping that I can keep it under that red line.

I might as well try, I have nothing to lose except my fat.

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Monday Weigh In: Lost 23lbs in 14 days! (8lbs this week)

Lost 8lbs this week

YES!  Yes yes yes yes.


Another 8lbs of fat gone.  I didn’t expect to be able to maintain last weeks incredible 15lbs in 7 days, but I am very happy with 8lbs in 7 days.

In 14 days I have lost 23 pounds!  That is almost 2 pounds a day.  I never would have thought that possible.

Let me tell you, ME KNEES are loving!  Already I can walk noticeably easier.  They hardly ever hurt anymore unless I am going up/down stairs.  I can walk around almost like a normal person now.

Imagine how good they will feel when I am down to 278!

My official plan is to NOT do any exercise until I am under 300 pounds, because I tend to injure myself anytime I try to exercise at this weight.  It is so easy to sprain an ankle or twist a knee the wrong way, even doing something as mundane and simple as throwing the football.

Once I get to 299 I should be ready to exercise, but I don’t want to think too far ahead.  I need to focus on the next week.  This next week I am hoping to keep the pace up to 5-7 pounds.

At some point I know the rate may level off to a more reasonable level, but heck, I am burning a lot of calories using the Cardio Sit, and now I am drinking a green smoothie for breakfast each day instead of eating something bad for me.

You can’t dispute the facts that the weight is falling off like crazy.

Success doesn’t lie.

Unlike when I went on the stupid Dr. Atkins diet, I do NOT feel all strange and sickly.  I remember the whole low carb thing worked (although nowhere near as fast as this is) but after two weeks on it I felt terrible.  My arms tingled and I just didn’t feel right.


My skin is clearing up and looking better than ever too.

Too bad it isn’t doing anything for the gray hairs that began showing up last year.

To sum it up:  Feeling good, looking better, moving around better, blood sugar is incredible (last check it was 81 fasting), skin clearing up, and losing weight faster than anytime in my life.

Oh yes, my blood pressure has dropped down too!  I’ll post about that tomorrow.


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Monday Weigh In – Lost 14.6 lbs in a week!

I lost 15lbs in a week!

I lost 15lbs in a week!

I can’t believe it!  This is freaking amazing!!!!

I was so dang nervous when I stood on that scale waiting for my results to show up.  I made my kid stand back a ways to be sure that he couldn’t see the results because I don’t want my kid to know how much I weigh.

From now on I am going to weight myself on Monday’s using the scale at the doctors office.  I trust this scale more than any home scale.

I’ve been told that this scale can handle up to 880lbs, so no worries there.

Nothing can disrupt weight loss and bring you down like an unreliable scale.  I have no idea how much I was weighing before because my home scale was so flaky.

From 401 lbs to 386 in a week.  That’s FREAKING AMAZING.

Here is the pic that my kid took of me, but I am hiding my face until I lose all the weight.  I am keeping my identity a secret until I reach my goal weight of 225lbs.

I have never told anyone how much I weigh, not even my closest friends. Sure, it is plain to see that I am overweight, but none of them would ever guess just how heavy I am.

I have no idea if I can keep this level of weight loss up, 15lbs a week seems unmaintainable, but even 5lbs a week would be enough to keep me motivated.

As I said, using the CardioSit is the easiest thing I have ever done, I just sit there and read a book while my heart works out and I sweat away burning upwards of 600 calories.

In addition to this, I have embarked on a green smoothie breakfast.  I will talk more about this later, but to put it simply instead of eating breakfast, I take a bunch of yummy fruits (banana, pears, peaches, apples, berries, etc) and put them in a blender along with 1 green, (usually spinach) and then I blend it up and BAM, I get a big ole glas (32 oz) of healthy sweet tasting drink that really fills me up.

So not only I do get a full belly each morning but it tastes great too!  Drinking it is like pouring vitamins and minerals into your body.  It’s so much better than any other breakfast I can imagine.  Still get to eat whatever I want the rest of the day, but at least I start my day off super healthy.

By the way, I get more of a boost from a green smoothie than I ever did from coffee!  It’s like an energy shot to start your day.


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Awaiting my next weigh in

I am looking forward to my next weigh in at the doctors office. I’ll be sure to bring my camera and this time make sure the battery is charged.

This first week of using the doctors scale is CRUCIAL…

I HAVE to lose weight…

I am hoping for 5lbs in a week, which I know is a lot, but that is what I am hoping for.

If I don’t lose any, it could sabotage my entire effort, and make me lose confidence in the CardioSit.

I know I should give it 2 weeks before weighing, to make sure I give the CardioSit enough time to prove itself, but I feel like I need some good news after finding out my scale was WAAAAY off!

A small part of me hopes against all hope, that the doctors scale was off for some reason that day, but I know that isn’t true. They weigh dozens of people on it each day and they would notice if it were off by 20+ pounds.

So from now on I go by the doctors scale.

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My Weightloss Journey Continues

So I am done feeling sorry for myself and back to using the CardioSit every other day.

I tried something different today, and included a special smoothie packed with natural vitamins and minerals. It seemed to fill me up as meal, which really surprised me.

I truly do not believe all calories are created equally. Bread, for example, makes me gain weight even when eaten in moderation. I suspect breakfast cereal and pasta are similar.

It is hard to change your diet, and even harder to do it permanently.

Luckily, it is easy to use the CardioSit. All I have to do is sit there while my heart exercises, pulse quickens and body sweats.

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OMG I am sick to my stomach! Doctors scale says 401lbs

When I weighed 380lbs I was worried, but when my piece of junk scale said I was down to 369 I felt hopeful.

But my home scale proved to be worthless.

So today I drove myself down to the walk-in clinic and used their scale. It has a big flat standing area and is digital and I would deem it far more trust worthy than the junk I bought for my bathroom scale.

I brought a camera with me, but the battery was dead so I couldn’t get a picture.

I expected the result to be a little higher because I normally weighed myself naked first thing in the morning after using the toilet. So today I was fully clothed and wearing shoes and I had already eaten breakfast and lunch by the time I got there. Not to mention that I am retaining a little water because I did some drinking this weekend with friends.

But I never in a million years expected to see 401lbs.

It is so depressing.

I don’t eat enough to weight that much damnit! I really don’t.

I mean to be over four hundred pounds at my age isn’t good. It isn’t good at all. I am worried.

So I spent a few hours feeling sorry for myself but now I am going to get up off my ass and behave like a big boy (a very big boy is the scale is any indication).

I have decided to use this scale as a reference and weight myself once a week or once every two weeks. As long as I keep using the same scale and come in there about the same time of day, it SHOULD be reliable.

Now I can see how well this CardioSit works for weight loss.

It is impossible to gauge the results of my efforts unless I have a good reliable scale to use to measure my results.

I was really looking forward to using the wii fit board too, but now I am over 50lbs away from using that.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and have this fat all gone.

So in a week or so I should know how well this CardioSit is working and I will be sure to post the results on here.

Wish me luck,

because if this doesn’t work, then I have no idea what to do next. I’ve tried just about everything.

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